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 bBrowser 3 - Patch v3.0.10.111
Date: 07-06-2012
VO-Versions: Visual Objects 2.8 SP4 (Build 2838)
Visual Objects 2.8 SP3 (Build 2833-2837)
Visual Objects 2.8 SP2 (Build 2830-2832)
Visual Objects 2.7b
CA-Visual Objects 2.6

For the installation the serial number and the file bBrw30.DLL from the original version of bBrowser 3 are needed.


bBrowser 3
[13.1 MB]

  • bBrowser and cell input
    Fixed several problems for cell editing with a ComboBox.

  • bArrayServer:FieldPut()
    If a numeric value with decimals was put into a numeric field without decimals, then the decimals were put in the field, too. This bug is fixed now. The numeric value is converted with the function Integer() into an integer now and then put it into the field.

  • bBrowser and info values
    Fixed an error which could occur, when the status of info values was determined.

  • bBrowser:ViewLogicAs
    If for the access bBrowser:ViewLogicAs the value #Normal has been set, then the logical values in the current record does not display correctly.

  • bBrowser and change the column width with the mouse
    Fixed an error which could occur when changing the column width with the mouse, if the column was part of a group column.

  • bBrowser and cell input
    Till now, the return value for the edit mode BEDIT_SHOW of the callback method CellEdit() was not evaluated. This was changed now. If the return value is FALSE, then the input will be canceled.

  • bBrowser and cell input
    Fixed an error that occurs when pasting a value from the clipboard into the cell edit control.

  • bBrowser and cell input
    For a control of the class Checkbox or Combobox the value was always saved, even if it was not changed. This was fixed.

  • bBrowser and DBServer with scope
    Fixed an error which could occur when a scope was defined in a DBServer and the DBServer was skiped to EoF. In this case the RecNo was not correct.

  • bBrowser and AdoServer:SetFilter()
    Fixed an error which could occur when a filter on bookmarks was defined in an AdoServer and then a field value was changed in a record.

  • bDBServer:SetOrder() and active bDBServer:RecordFilter
    Fixed an error which could occur when a bDBServer:RecordFilter was active and an order could not activated by method bDBServer:SetOrder().

  • bBrowser and mouse double click
    Fixed an error which could occur, when a cell editing was started with a mouse double click.

  • bBrowser and icons as column values
    Fixed an error which could occur, when an icon (NULL_OBJECT) was shown as column value.

  • bBrowser and Visual Styles
    The Visual Styles were not always drawn correctly in Windows Vista.

  • bBrowser and group columns
    If the bBrowser contained group columns, then the height of the column captions was not always calculated correctly.

  • bBrowser and SQLSelect
    Fixed various problems when appending or deleting records.

  • bBrowser and DataServer:OrderKeyNo()
    The bBrowser has used the access OrderKeyNo in the linked data server till now to determine the logical record number. Because this access is not supported in VULCAN.NET any more, the bBrowser use the identically named method OrderKeyNo() in the linked data server now. This method must exist in the data server, if a sort order is active in the data server.

  • bBrowser and cell input
    If a font is defined in the bBrowser, then this is also used in the edit control during a cell edit process. Otherwise the default font (bBrowser:GetDefaultFont()) is used in the edit control.

  • bBrowser and cell input
    Fixed a problem when inserting a value from the clipboard into a numeric edit control during cell edit process.

    Fixed a problem at drawing.

  • bVirtualFieldColumn:DataPut()
    For checking whether a value is empty the function Empty() is no more used but the method bDataColumn:IsValueEmpty().

  • bBrowser:OpenColumn()
    Fixed a bug when inserting a column.

  • bBrowser and cell input
    The edit control for a cell input was not always destroyed.

  • bBrowser:SetCurrentColumn()
    If the methods are called during a cell edit, then the cell edit is closed. Can the cell edit not be closed, the method call is broken and the return value is FALSE.

  • bBrowser and Grid Style BGRID_CONVEXSMOOTH
    At the use of the grid style BGRID_CONVEXSMOOTH it could happen that other grid styles were shown no longer correctly.

  • bBrowser and variable row heigt
    For columns with the data type "C" and active variable row height the option BVO_WORDBREAK in the bBrowser:DataView is evaluated now, too.

  • bBrowser and Selector
    The graphic representation of the selector for the grid style BGRID_AUTO was changed for Windows Vista.

  • bBrowser and RTF-Text
    The RTF word break for column values was not always shown correctly.

  • bDBServer:GoBottom()
    If the server was a child of a selective relation and the relation did not contain any records in the child, then the method bDBServer:GoBottom() returned the value FALSE. The method only returns FALSE now if an error occurs.
  • bBrowser and Visual Styles
    If the operating system supports the Visual styles, but these were turned off, then the bBrowser was not drawn correctly. This problem is fixed now.

  • bBrowserColumn:CalculateHeightOfCaption()
    The temporary object of the class bRTFDocument was not released for a RTF text any more.

  • Selector and background color
    If a background color was defined for the selector column, then the selector was not drawn with this background color in the area of the column captions. This problem is fixed now.

  • bBrowser and Title
    If the bBrowser is disabled then the foreground color from the access bBrowser:DisabledForeground is used now. For the background the color from the access bBrowser:TitleView:Background is used now. If the access does not contain any values, then the Windows default color is used.

  • bBrowser and Bitmaps
    With the new option BVO_ASPECTRATIO from the access bViewStyle:Options can be defined that during resizing a bitmap the aspect ratios of the bitmap are keeped. Furthermore a resized bitmap is drawing with the halftone method now. Through this a better output result of the bitmap is obtained.

  • bBrowser and Drag & Drop
    A Drag & Drop process is no longer started immediately but only after a time delay. The time interval (in milliseconds) for the delay can be defined as a property of the bBrowser. As default the value 100 is used.

  • bBrowser:MoveColumn()
    If the method was called with the second argument for the new position of the column, then the column was not always moved to to the correct position.

  • bBrowser and bKeyCommand
    It is checked after the execution of a bKeyCommand now whether the ALT key was pressed. In this case all WM_SYSCHAR events are removed from the event queue. This is necessary because the hot key of a menu could otherwise be executed.

  • bBrowser and cell editing
    During a cell edit process pasting from the clipboard was not supported correctly. This problem is fixed now.

  • bSpinEdit and Spin Buttons
    The value of a SpinEdit control is changed only when the mouse button is pressed inside of a spin button.
  • bBrowser:RecordRestore()
    Fix a fault, which is arose with the patch 3.0.1. Due to the fault it could happen, that the data server was not on the new record after calling SQLSelect:Append(). This problem is fixed now.

  • bCompoundValue
    Fix a fault at drawing a bCompoundValue if for this a background color is defined.
  • VO-Window-Editor
    Fix a fault in the CAVOWED.INF. The fault was the reason that the created code was faulty for a context menu. So that the problem is solved, the program 'Setup VO-Windows Editor' must be executed once more.

  • bBrowser and block selection
    Solve several problems for the handling of block selection.

  • bBrowser:RecordSave()
    The method has not saved the EoF and BoF status.

  • bBrowser:RecordRestore()
    The EoF status was not restored correctly for a SQL Data Server.
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