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 bBrowser 2 - Patch v2.0.9.0
Date: 09-06-2012
VO-Versions: Visual Objects 2.8 SP4 (Build 2838)
Visual Objects 2.8 SP3 (Build 2833-2837)
Visual Objects 2.8 SP2 (Build 2830-2832)
Visual Objects 2.7b
CA-Visual Objects 2.6

For the installation the serial number and the file bBrw20.DLL from the original version of bBrowser 2 are needed.


bBrowser 2
[7.91 MB]

  • bBrowser and info values
    Fixed an error which could occur, when the status of info values was determined.

  • bBrowser:ViewLogicAs
    If for the access bBrowser:ViewLogicAs the value #Normal has been set, then the logical values in the current record does not display correctly.

  • bBrowser and cell input
    Fixed an error that occurs when pasting a value from the clipboard into the cell edit control.

  • bBrowser and DBServer with scope
    Fixed an error which could occur when a scope was defined in a DBServer and the DBServer was skiped to EoF. In this case the RecNo was not correct.

  • bDBServer:SetOrder() and active bDBServer:RecordFilter
    Fixed an error which could occur when a bDBServer:RecordFilter was active and an order could not activated by method bDBServer:SetOrder().

  • bBrowser and AdoServer:SetFilter()
    Fixed an error which could occur when a filter on bookmarks was defined in an AdoServer and then a field value was changed in a record.

  • bArrayServer:FieldPut()
    If a numeric value with decimals was put into a numeric field without decimals, then the decimals were put in the field, too. This bug is fixed now. The numeric value is converted with the function Integer() into an integer now and then put it into the field.
  • bBrowser and Visual Styles
    The Visual Styles were not always drawn correctly in Windows Vista.

  • bBrowser and cell input
    Fixed a problem when inserting a value from the clipboard into a numeric edit control during cell edit process.

  • bBrowser and cell input
    The edit control for a cell input was not always destroyed.

  • bBrowser:OpenColumn()
    Fixed a bug when inserting a column.

  • bBrowser:SetCurrentColumn()

    If the methods are called during a cell edit, then the cell edit is closed. Can the cell edit not be closed, the method call is broken and the return value is FALSE.

  • bBrowser and bKeyCommand
    It is checked after the execution of a bKeyCommand now whether the ALT key was pressed. In this case all WM_SYSCHAR events are removed from the event queue. This is necessary because the hot key of a menu could otherwise be executed.

  • bBrowser and RTF-Text
    The RTF word break for column values was not always shown correctly.

  • bBrowserColumn:CalculateHeightOfCaption()

    The temporary object of the class bRTFDocument was not released for a RTF text any more.

  • bVirtualFieldColumn:DataPut()
    For checking whether a value is empty the function Empty() is no more used but the method bDataColumn:IsValueEmpty().

  • bDBServer:GoBottom()
    If the server was a child of a selective relation and the relation did not contain any records in the child, then the method bDBServer:GoBottom() returned the value FALSE. The method only returns FALSE now if an error occurs.
  • bBrowser and block selection
    Solve several problems for the handling of block selection.

  • bBrowser:RecordSave()
    The method has not saved the EoF and BoF status.

  • bBrowser:RecordRestore()
    The EoF status was not restored correctly for a SQL Data Server.

  • bBrowser and ToolTips
    With the ToolTipMode #Column could occur that empty tool tips were shown. This problem is fixed now.

  • bBrowser and Titel
    Fix a fault for the auto calculation of the title height.

  • bBrowser and variable row height
    Fix a fault for the auto calculation of the row height.

  • bBrowser:Destruct()
    If the column objects are destroyed, then the internal column counter are set to 0 now.
  • bBrowser and bDataColumn
    The already existing columns are destroyed at the call of the method bBrowser:Use() now. The columns also are destroyed if the bBrowser is destroyed.

  • bBrowser:SelectionSet()
    Fix several errors at the call of the method bBrowser:SelectionSet() with the arguments #All or #Invert.

  • bBrowser:SetRowHeight()
    Fix an error in the method bBrowser:SetRowHeight() which could cause a crash.

  • bBrowser:Resize()
    The bBrowser was not always redrawn correctly, if the variable row height was enabled.

  • bDataColumn:CalculateWidth()
    Fix an error if a column was linked with a field of the data type varchar (max) in a SQL table.
  • bBrowser and multiple selection
    Correction of an error in the multiple selection which was the reason that not all selected rows were recognized correctly.

  • bBrowser:EditCancel()
    A edit control was not always destroyed in Windows XP und Windows 95.

  • bBrowser:GetTitleAlignment()
    If no alignment was defined in the access bBrowser:TitleView:Alignment, then the alignments from the access bBrowser:CaptionView:Alignment and bBrowser:DataView:Alignment were considered until now, too. Now, the alignment from the access bBrowser:TitleView:Alignment is only used.

  • bBrowser:GetTitleBackground()
    If no brush was defined in the access bBrowser:TitleView:Background, then the brushes from the access bBrowser:CaptionView:Background and bBrowser:DataView:Background were considered until now, too. Now, the brush from the access bBrowser:TitleView:Background is only used.

  • bBrowser:GetTitleFont()
    If no font was defined in the access bBrowser:TitleView:Font, then the fonts from the access bBrowser:CaptionView:Font and bBrowser:DataView:Font were considered until now, too. Now, the font from the access bBrowser:TitleView:Font is only used.

  • bBrowser:GetTitleForeground()
    If no color was defined in the access bBrowser:TitleView:Foreground, then the colors from the access bBrowser:CaptionView:Foreground and bBrowser:DataView:Foreground were considered until now, too. Now, the color from the access bBrowser:TitleView:Foreground is only used.

  • bBrowser:GetTitleGrid()
    If no grid was defined in the access bBrowser:TitleView:Grid, then the grids from the access bBrowser:CaptionView:Grid and bBrowser:DataView:Grid were considered until now, too. Now, the grid from the access bBrowser:TitleView:Grid is only used.

  • bBrowser:SetInfo() and class SQLSelect
    If the bBrowser was connected with a server of class SQLSelect, then defined info texts were not displayed.
  • bBrowser:GetDefaultFont()
    The new method creates an object of the class Font and returns it. The font object defines the standard font which is used in the bBrowser.

    NOTE !!!
    With every call of the method a new font object is created.

  • bBrowser and cell editing in related server
    If a cell value was edited in a related server then the changed field value was not displayed. Instead the old field value was displayed.

  • bBrowser and Grid
    A horizontal or vertical Grid was not drawn correctly.

  • bBrowser:SelectedForeground and Checkboxes
    If the color for bBrowser:SelectedForeground was identical with the background of the window then the tick of the checkbox was not shown.

  • bBrowser and DBServer:EoF
    Solves a problem at which the access DBServer:EoF returns the value FALSE although the record pointer of the DBServer was on EoF.
  • bBrowser:SelectionCellCount
    The access bBrowser:SelectionCellCount did not return the correct result if complete rows were selected.

  • bBrowser:CurrentRowBackground

    The accesses were supported only for the bBrowser:CurrentMode #Cell and #FirstCell until now. The accesses supports the value #Line now, too.

  • bBrowser:AutoRefresh() and SQL
    If bBrowser:ServerType contains the value #SQL and a bBrowser:AutoRefresh() is executed, then the record pointer of the data server is moved on the before active record again now.

  • bBrowser and MouseButtonDown()
    If the left mouse button is pressed on a column caption or a column footer then not the event WM_NCLBUTTONDOWN is sent any more but the event WM_LBUTTONDOWN. This results in that the method MouseButtonDown() is called in the bBrowser now. The same applies also for the other mouse buttons.

  • bBrowser and MouseButtonDoubleClick()
    If the left mouse button is double clicked on a column caption or a column footer then not the event WM_NCLBUTTONDBLCLK is sent any more but the event WM_LBUTTONDBLCLK . This results in that the method MouseButtonDoubleClick() is called in the bBrowser now. The same applies also for the other mouse buttons.

  • bDSSelection and ADS
    The ADS always works with the '.' as a decimal separator in the function Str(). This is independent which setting is defined in VO with the function SetDecimalSep. For this reason the decimal separator is set before and restored after evaluating the selection (see method bDSSelection:Update()).

  • bSample - DataBrowser.AEF
    The method BrowseViewInit() was NOT called in the classes bDataWindow and bDataDialog if the window was initialized in the BrowseView first. This problem was solved now. So that the method BrowseViewInit() is called, the method was overwrite in the classes bDataWindow and bDataDialog.
  • bBrowser:PropertyGet(), bDataColumn:PropertyGet()
    If the method PropertyGet() was called with a default value and the specified property name did not exist, then the default value was not returned.

  • bBrowser and RETURN key
    When pressing the RETURN key the callback method is called and within this method the window of the bBrowser was destroyed then a runtime error occurs.

  • bBrowser and multiple selection
    If the selector was clicked and the multiple selection was active, then a runtime error occurs.

  • bBrowser and bFontCondition
    The bFontCondition were not processed correctly so that the result of a valid condition was not shown in the bBrowser.

  • bBrowser and cell input
    The edit control of a cell edit process was not destroyed in some cases so that a white area was shown in the bBrowser.
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