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Puts the data value TRUE for all records in the column.






<oCheckColumn>:CheckAll() Æ lSuccess

Return Value

lSuccessA logical value that indicates whether the data value was put for all records.
TRUEThe data value was put.
FALSEThe data value could not be put.
Data type:Logic


bCheckColumn:CheckAll() puts the data value TRUE for all records. With the method bCheckColumn:UncheckAll() the data value FALSE can be put for all records.


So that the changed data value is shown in the bBrowser the notification NOTIFYFILECHANGE is sent to the connected data server. If notifications are not suspended, this results in showing the changed data values in the bBrowser.


With the method bCheckColumn:Check() the data value TRUE can be put for the current record.


Important notes!
All records are added to the list bCheckColumn:RecordList. For this a block which contains the RecNo 1 and LastRec is created.


The method bCheckColumn:CheckAll() should not be used,

if the data server contains deleted records and deleted records are inactive (see also function SetDeleted() in the help of Visual Objects),
if a filter is active in the data server,
if the controlling index in the data server was created with a FOR or WHILE condition,
if an OrderScope is active in the data server.


It is not ensured in all these cases that the method bCheckColumn:RecordList returns the correct record list.

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