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Mode to define how changed field values are to be treated.




Access / Assign

Data Type



If in the linked data server field values are changed (for example by a field input in the browser) the browser examines whether the field is contained in the active index expression. In this case, the browser positions the current record again. This has sometimes the consequence that the current record is showed at a new position in the browser.


If this dynamic behavior is not desired, it can be switched off by this access. In this case the record is only positioned again if the record pointer is moved.


In the following table the supported modes are specified:





During the change of field values, the record is not re-positioned in accordance with the index expression. Repositioning will only take place when the record pointer is moved.


During the change of field values, the record is re-positioned immediately in accordance with the active index expression.


This mode is the default.


After creating a bBrowser control the mode #Flexible is active.


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